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Privacy Policy

The protection of your privacy and all personal information collected, processed, or used during your visit on our Internet site is important to us. Your data will be protected in compliance with German laws. Below you will find detailed information how data is collected when your are visiting our site and how this data is being used.

Collecting and processing of information

Each access to pages of our Internet site and each download of a file stored at the site is being logged. Storage of this data has internal, system-related and statistical purposes. The following items are logged: name of the accessed file, date and time of access, transferred amount of data, status of successful transfer, type identification of your Internet browser, address of the previously visited page referring to the page being accessed, name of our Internet domain being accessed. In addition, the Internet Protocol address of the accessing computer is being recorded.

This information does not allow to draw direct conclusions on your actual person or identity. For this reason it is not seen as constituting personal information. However, it might be usable as information relatable to persons.

Any further personal information is only recorded if you provide the data voluntarily, for example when sending an inquiry, or contacting us. Whenever you provide such information, we ask you not to make any false statements or not to fake the identity of a third party.

Usage and transfer of personal information

We will only use the personal information you have provided to respond to inquiries, to fulfill contracts with you, or for technical administration.

In case we are forced by law or by a court decision, we will transfer your personal information to authorities that have explicit right to receive it. In any other case, personal information will only be given or otherwise be transmitted to third parties if this is necessary to fulfill a contract -for example when transferring your postal address to a freight carrier to deliver goods-, or if this is necessary for accounting purposes, or if you have given your explicit permission to do so. You can revoke your granted permission any time with effect to the future.

Stored personal information will be deleted when you revoke your permission to store it, when the knowledge of that information is no longer necessary in regard to the purpose it had been stored for, or when storage of that information is no longer permitted due to legal reasons.

Obligation to give information

Upon written request, we will inform you about all information which has been stored related to your person.

Security notice

We take greatest care by using all technical and organizational capabilities to store your personal information in such a way that it cannot be accessed by third parties. When using communication via e-mail or via web contact forms however, full security cannot be guaranteed. For this reason we recommend to use postal mail for the submission of confidential information.

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